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To help you find your way around we will put up some “Tips” every now and then. If you feel a “how to” problem should be explained then please feel free to do it yourself if you have the answer or contact Admin via the email section on the site and Admin will do it for you:

~~~Today’s tip is about “How to post”~~~

First: LOG IN (or register if you are not already registered).

ALSO: (NEW) Register on our new forums. This is totally separate from the website. And is a pure forum structure. Click here

On the black bar above the main site picture you will see “+New” Hover over it, you  will see “Post – Media” click “Post” a Add New Post window will open.

At the top of the main text writing section you will see some tools. If there is only one row then hover over the third from the right It will say “Show/Hide Kitchen Sink” Click on it and a second row of useful tools will appear.

OK lets start:

Where it says “Enter title here“, put in your title. Then click on main body of post and go happily writing whatever you are telling about. Make the first paragraph brief (tell you why in a minute)

On the right of the window you will see “Save Draft“. At this stage it is a good idea to click it and save it… just in case 🙂

Keep putting in your story and when you are happy lets lay it out and make it look special.

Highlight the first paragraph with your mouse (select it) and just above it in the toolbar click the small drop down arrow next to “Paragraph” and select e.g. Heading 1. Then look 3 icons to the right and you will see A, click the drop down and select a colour. Again click “Save Draft” Wait for it to save and then click “Preview” (to the right of save draft).

You will now see what your post looks like on the main site. Happy?  🙂

OK. Click “Edit Post” at the top of the window (or in small print under the post) and you will return to the editing section. If you want to change font colours or sizes then you know now how to do it 🙂
You can make all your editorial sit left – right – centre or justify using the icons in the toolbar. (don’t forget to “Highlight/Select” the words you are arranging).. make some bold “B” or italic “I” etc, just “play” with the icons. “SAVE Draft” !! now and then.

OK so far so good. Now lets get clever and insert a picture to your post.

Put your cursor where you want the picture to be and click “Add Media“, just above the toolbar. An “Insert Media” screen will open with two tabs “Upload Files” & Media Library

The “Media Library” will show EVERY picture used in the web site… 100s and if you wish you can select one or more of these and “insert” to your post. BUT lets assume you have not got the picture you want yet on the site. Click “Upload Files” and it will say “Drop files anywhere to upload“. So move that window to the right (or left if you must) and go to your “Start menu / Pictures folder” unless you have it sitting on the desktop and find the picture you want to place (Please make sure it is not a HUGE file.. 100 – 500kb is good.. see admin re picture reducing size if you don’t know how.. Later lesson). Simply drag it onto the web window. It will switch to the “Media Library” screen and you will see your picture uploading and it will have a tick on it. It’s details will be on the right side. Put in a caption description alignment size etc. Do not be too concerned this can be altered later if you miss it. Click the blue “Insert into post” box and magically it will be in your post. click on it and you will see two icons, a red circle.. This deletes it so leave it alone !!! (unless you want to delete) and a square picture icon, click on that and you can make further changes in there such as left/right/centre description. Go advanced and you can add a frame (type in a size e.g.2 or 3) of any colour, alter size etc. It is a good idea to tick the “Open in a new window” box . Be SURE to click “Update” at the bottom of the window every time you make changes.

If you strike problems with the picture interfering with your fonts do not panic, save it and ask admin to fix it, this can take a bit of experience to fix sometimes. Another way is to “Add Gallery” from the “Add Media” window. This is great if you have several (or lots) of photos and will give no problems, just follow the instructions as you go and have a play.. It is unlikely you will “break’ anything 🙂


Beautiful Thaifex girl sample picture

OK back to checking…. Click “Save Draft” and then click “Preview“. If you are not happy return to edit and fix it, if you are happy return to edit and before you publish (you can do it later) look on the right of the browser and you will see “Categories” Tick “New Posts” and any others that you think your post fits into. As many as you think.

One more thing to do . Under “Categories” you will see “Tags” these are words that help people find your article. So click “Choose from the most used tags” and click any you think fit your post. Then in the box next to “Add” put in ANY words you think might be associated with you content, put a comma after each and then press “Add

OK Well done. Now Press “PUBLISH” in the blue box and you are there for the world to see and comment on.


Go back to the “Edit” page and look up in the top right side and you will see “Email Users” – “Notify users about this post” Click on that and select all the people you want to notify about this post (Everyone) and click “Send Email” and everyone will know what you have been up to 🙂

Remember you can “edit” your post at any time, and when you do always “Update

There endeth today’s lesson

“I’m not as confused today as I was the day before tomorrow”


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