A VERY VERY sad day at “Danson Park”

One of the saddest days known at “Danson Park”.

Our beloved Zeus has finally been put to rest.

We knew it was coming as in late December the vet pronounced bone cancer in his right foreleg and gave him three months maximum to live.

He will be greatly missed. Always by our side, cried if you left him outside or inside without you. Listened to the sound of every car when one of us was out. Stared up the stairs for us to come down in the morning and if you were not “on deck” by 7.00 would start whimpering. In the evenings he would crawl under the coffee table just 12 inches high in front of our couch whilst we were watching television. Every night he went to sleep on his innerspring mattress and was covered over with a Sherpa blanket and he would stay there till next morning. We believe there was only one night in 11 years where he cried in the night to be let out, although he was known a few times to whimper for “dad” to come downstairs and cover him up again around 5 am on a cold morning

He had a good life living to a ripe old age of 11 which is almost record years for a Great Dane. He ruled his gardens and would chase of kangaroos, rabbits etc. He couldn’t catch them as they were too fast especially in later years but he put up a valiant pretense of guarding his property.

This morning at 20th January 2014 at 9.30 he “left us”. He is now buried in the “graveyard” section of the garden along with Sam, Rorke, Bridle and Fletcher. Long may all their spirits move around ‘Danson Park”

We will  miss you friend our faithful friend


Click on his tribute video



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