The trip is over … Home again

In March 2014 after the death of Zeus who lived to the good age of 12 years, we commenced our long planned trip to South East Asia for six months. The accounts of this trip can be viewed by clicking her and going to our travel site called “Wandering Wombats”.  Click to go there. There are lots of posts from the various countries we visited most of which have one or more videos attached. Please have a browse, bookmark the site and have an “armchair” journey through the various countries we visited.

Anyway as at September we arrived home and settled back in to Danson Park at the start of spring being thankful we missed the worst of the winter cold.

So “Danson Park” is back online and we will post of ongoing events. Not nearly as active as our travel site was but the first post we are pleased to announce is one telling that we have a new family member……. A new puppy born in July and now named “Bee Bee Dee”

Click her name to read about her.





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