3. Shanghai. The Peoples Square. The Old Town and Hostel

Still recovering from a virus that had started in Kuala Lumpur we realized that if we just spent our time around the hostel we would not get to see Shanghai. So today we ventured out to downtown Shanghai by the Metro. We got off the train at The Peoples Square and came out of the “bowels of the metro” into a large public space in the centre of the city.

Surrounded by skyscrapers and thousands of cars it is a popular refuge for locals from the hustle and bustle of Shanghai. Or I should say the full on push and shove and ear deafening noise of traffic and horns blowing.

We stayed at a great hostel in the Cayong area, The Shanghai City International Hostel just a 2 minute walk from the metro and situated in a courtyard eighty meters back from the traffic noise. They are perfectly tuned to traveler

Shanghai City Central Hostel

needs and the staff have a very pleasant manner and all speak English, maybe not perfectly but very understandable. The Hostel has a large reading area and library with several computers and a large restaurant come bar come fun area which certainly livens up at night when all the backpackers from every part of the world have a few beers together. Our initial room was on the third floor and the window looked down onto the restaurant roof so around ten to twelve at night the volume of noise was a nuisance but knowing we were not well the management moved us into a room at the back of the hostel at the end of a corridor.. PEACE !!!!


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Peoples Square / Old Town / hostel Shanghai from Tassie Wombat on Vimeo.

A brief glimpse of  the Old Town in Shanghai and our hostel

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