2. The Maglev train

Have you heard of a Maglev Train? Well it means Magnetic Levitation and it means FAST !!!!!

Shanghai has one that runs out to the airport, thirty klms in under 8 mins stop / go / stop at a speed of 300klm per hour.

It is the first commercially operated high-speed magnetic levitation line in the world and only the third Maglev line to be operated. The train line was designed to connect Shanghai Pudong International Airport and the outskirts of central Pudong where passengers could interchange to the Shanghai Metro to continue their trip to the city center.

Maglev Shanghai

Maglev Shanghai

The top operational commercial speed of this train is 431 km/h (268 mph), making it the world’s fastest train in regular commercial service since its opening in April 2004. During a non-commercial test run on 12 November 2003, a Maglev train achieved a Chinese record speed of 501 km/h (311 mph).

Willie and Mrs. Wombat had to “try it out” so we headed downtown for an 8 minute thrilling ride.

Costing 50rmb ($8.57AU) each on the Maglev we chose to ride back to town and see the Bund (another post) on the “ordinary” Metro, cost 8rmb ($1.36)

Whats it like…. SMOOTHhhhhhh & FASTtttttttttttt


Click on video to view. Click the [   ] icon bottom right to view full screen

Maglev Shanghai



Maglev Shanghai

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