5. Buying food for lunch and dinner

When Michael at the Riverside Hostel, Guilin found we may be able to cook Australian style food he suggested we cook up a few dishes for the staff. Why not we thought and after looking at the kitchen and always loving a challenge, we accepted the offer.

So it was off to the markets to get the necessary requirements. On the way there we saw a commercial kitchen supplier, there was a full street of them and we convinced Michael to buy a couple of trays in which to cook “Impossible Pie” and “Lambs Fry & Bacon” (the kitchen had NOTHING in the way of trays).

The Market

Michael at the market

So into the market with Michael and “Auntie” who could not speak one word of English. That’s fine as I can’t speak any Chinese. We needed:

Lambs livers for liver and bacon.
Lambs kidneys for deviled kidneys.
Chicken breasts for baked chicken breast.
Eggs for “Impossible Pie”.
Vegetables: Potatoes, Carrots, Beans.
Milk and cream.

As you will see in the video it is a matter of trying several different stalls but in the end we got what we wanted although we had to buy a whole chicken as they don’t sell breasts only. Milk and cream, both in long life packaging came from a separate provision shop.

Aussie food




Buying food at the market Guilin from Tassie Wombat on Vimeo.




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