2. Riverside Hostel Guilin

We chose to stay at The Riverside Hostel, Guilin which is situated in a quiet side street and is on the banks of The Peach Blossom River. The hostel has a lot of character and charm for travelers, not like the formality of large hotels.

Mike your friendly host

Yo Yo and assistant

Peggy at Reception

It has sundecks where you can eat meals and enjoy a beer or three which overlook the river and its walking paths. People can be seen fishing, doing Tai Chi and just taking casual strolls day and night. At night the whole both sides of the river are well lit with coloured lamps in the trees giving a beautiful feeling of relaxation.


When Michael heard I was an ex cook he asked if I would cook some Aussie style meals for them. So off we went to the markets (nothing like Woolies) and bought some lambs liver, for liver and bacon (Jewel made that). Some lambs kidneys for Devilled Kidneys and some eggs for an Impossible Pie, potatoes (for mashed and sauteed) carrots and beans along with beef booster and spices.

We also bought a chicken (For baked chicken breast stuffed with ham, you can’t buy just breasts) and some drumsticks for a chicken casserole.

So we cooked up a feast and I believe the staff absolutely enjoyed it even eaten with chopsticks.

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Mike is the good looking host who claims to be able to cook some fantastic dishes and he goes to lengths to make everyone welcome.

We were fortunate to be given a very large family room with two bedrooms HUGE shower toilet armchairs, TV, electric jug for coffee making and WiFi.

Breakfast is good. English / Australian style, fried eggs, bacon, toast and REAL butter from New Zealand.

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