2. A great Indian meal and nice cab driver

On our last night in Penang we were looking for a restaurant where we could get a nice Indian meal and a beer or three. Unfortunately Muslim restaurants don’t serve beer. (How silly can you be) but the guys ran up the road and bought us a large bottle.


So we wandered around (as Wombats do) and a cab pulled up beside us, I immediately said “No thanks” and the guy replied “Don’t you remember me?”. It was Mike the very obliging neat taxi driver who had taken us to MacDonald s that morning, shown me where to get my hair cut and then picked us up from the barbers and taken us to the Penang Hill funicular railway. I told him we were looking for a good restaurant and he said “Hop in.. no charge” and took us to the restaurant in the video below. The food was superb and we had a great meal and a beer or three, which incidentally the restaurant guys had to run up the street to buy as they never had a liquor license. 🙂

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