2. China Town Saigon

Although we had seen on TV and heard that China Town (Ch Lon) in Saigon had problems because of the Chinese moving an oil rig off the Vietnamese coast and the Vietnamese started burning Chinese factories in the China Town area, we hopped on a number 1 bus from the depot just 2 mins walk from our hotel and paid our 10,000 dong each (.50c) which took us from the depot at Ben Thanh market (our end) to the depot in China Town about a 20 min ride. Easy Peasy.

The hotel staff looked at us in pure amazement when we said “Getting a bus”. They said “You are crazy, crowded, slow, hot” but as we told them “We love bus rides, after all we only get to do it once in our lifetime” 🙂


Actually the bus was air conditioned not overly crowded and because of the traffic got there in about the same time as a 190,000 dong ($10.00) taxi would have.



Anyway when we walked China Town we saw no evidence of trouble,  quite the opposite every one was great as you will see from the video. Most of the locals laughed at me as the sweat was pouring off me and my shirt looked like someone had thrown a bucket of water over me. But we managed to buy a knife for cutting baguettes, mangoes, paw paw etc. and got some band aids for the blisters on my feet so all in all it was a good outing.

Be sure to check out the short video. Mainly it is just more markets. but we hope you enjoy and wish you were here 🙂


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