2. A High School in Siem Reap Part 1.

We  first went to a not for profit children’s hospital today and donated our Doxycycline tablets which we wont be using as we are not going to Laos. Across the road was a high school named “The 10th January 1979 High School”, so named because that was when the cruel Pol Pot regime ended. We wandered in (as wombats do) and asked if we could make a short interview  with a teacher and students to show the Australian kids what a Cambodian school is like.

The 10th January 1979 High School

They were happy to oblige and we spoke to a teacher named who teaches among other subjects English. He explained to us that this school has 8,000 students and how the school system works and then introduced us to his class.

We sent about 20 minutes talking to them mainly about Australia. Most did not know where Australia was and certainly had never heard of Tasmania. they knew nothing of our culture and customs. There are no computers in the school except for the one in administration.

 We found the girls to be much more forthcoming and outgoing than the boys, which  is a common fact world wide.

Watch the short video and we feel sure you will be amazed at the number of motor bikes in the school which kids of 12 upwards own. They usually bring one or two kids who don’t have bikes to school on theirs.

This is video one of three visits. Be sure to watch the other videos.

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