Foods of Hoi An we enjoyed

Since arriving in Hoi An on Sunday afternoon we have walked back and forth (Yes WALKED!!!) to the pedestrian restaurant and shopping section several times for lunch and dinners.

Because of the enormous number of quality restaurants in the town we have come up with a plan which helps us cover as many as possible during our stay. We have an entree/starter at one, walk it off and have the next course in another restaurant.

To date we have enjoyed:

Lunch at a restaurant called “Laugh” which is an Australian NGO hospitality place. Lunch was authentic Vietnamese. Cao loa which is a noodle and pork dish and “White Rose” which is six pork dumplings. They are made to look like white roses with the pork in the middle of the dumpling “flower”. These two items along with a beer Larue and a lemon soda cost a huge 106,000 dong or $5.55.

One night was entree at a restaurant called “Little Menu” managed by a guy from Byron Bay. Here we had six beautiful crisp lattice spring rolls and six open wontons with tomato, onion etc on top baked in the oven washed down with a couple of beers. For mains we waked around the strip to an Indian restaurant called Omar’s Namaste and had Butter Chicken and Lamb  Korma (Australian) with rice, garlic naan, poppadoms a couple of beers and water. The whole night set us back a frightening 532,000 dong or  $27. Mrs Wombat says we must cut back a little !!!!

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Another evening consisted of entree at Hoi An’s “top” restaurant “Cargo” consisting of make it yourself spring rolls and half a dozen dumplings along with the obligatory beer. Then after wandering (As Wombats do) around the scene for a while we found a lovely little place where Willie had noodles and vegies and Mrs. Wombat settled for a lemon meringue pie as she was feeling pretty full.

Yet another gastronomic experience consisted of six steamed and six fried spring rolls and beer at one place followed by a fruit platter for Mrs Wombat (full again) while Willie had BBQ pork with rice and stir fried vegetables and once again a beer washed the whole lot down very nicely. This was in a large hall type place that had about twenty vendors in selling every

thing from soups to ice cream. For 450,000vnd $25 you could eat as much as you wished from every stall there. There is no way we could eat our way through it all.


So are we enjoying the foods of Vietnam??…. You bet we are !!!!!

And here are a few quips from a local tourist advisory brochure. Thought you might enjoy them:

There comes a point when every foreigner living abroad realizes they have gone truly local. You know you are turning Vietnamese when.

  • When you think it is normal to have more than two people on a motorbike.

  • When you text and continue to receive calls riding your motorbike, even during rush hour.

  • When your living room doubles as a motorbike parking lot.

  • When you no longer notice the horns of motorbikes when you go to bed.

  • When a persons calves look weird without a “Saigon Kiss” (ie, the burn mark left from a motorbike exhaust.

  • When a market vendor thinks you’ve ripped them off.

  • Transport furniture, a refrigerator, flatscreen TV home by motorbike.

  • When you consider beer to be expensive at 20,000 dong ($1.00)

  • When you have a casual conversation with two or three whilst riding your bike on the road.

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