The vegetable village

What to do? Asked the receptionist and she suggested “why not go and see where the local herbs and vegetables are grown, its only a 50,000 dong ($2.50) taxi ride away”. So that’s what we did. Jumped in a cab and got him to take us there promising to return to pick us up in an hour and a half at 12.30.

The pictures below are worth a thousand  of my words so enjoy the pics we took as we wandered (As Wombats do) amongst the herb and vegetable plots.

I hope you find as we do that this sort of interaction gives an insight to the way others live and provide for their families. This is not a tourist attraction but real life and  right in  the middle of the fields was home with a cooking school. How they make a living beats us.

So we spent and hour and a half looking around, having a cold coke in the roadside stall, sitting on the roadside bargaining with two girls on pushbikes who were selling pop up cards. Bought a couple at a bargain price (we think) whilst we waited for our 12.30 cab to pick us up.. You guessed it.. he never showed up!!

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