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I live near Seaside Oregon during Summer, but since it rains so much during Winter, I go to Las Vegas from October to May. I really enjoy fishing in Oregon and have 4 boats of various sizes for different bodies of water. Salmon, Sturgeon and Halibut are available during the Spring and Summer. Trout fishing is fun as well in the many rivers and lakes.

Nice video and first class production

As always it is a treat to view into the life of Paul, Jewel and BBD. I have had such terrible luck lately that I have been unable to get on line regularly. I suppose it started last year and … Continue reading

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I really enjoyed Sam and Zeus

They both will continue to live on in our memories forever. It was sad for me as well last year, losing our son Edward and my favorite dog dojo. It makes makes you realize how short a life span can be … Continue reading

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