Nice video and first class production

As always it is a treat to view into the life of Paul, Jewel and BBD. I have had such terrible luck lately that I have been unable to get on line regularly. I suppose it started last year and continues, as if I am marked red and have a magnetic charm to pull  bad luck toward me, as I have ever witnessed. Lately it was computers, I assembled a new full tower and it has all the latest and greatest components  that I could afford, but the video card failed and everyone was red color. I tried to contact the vendor for an RMA and it took two weeks for a response. All this adds to the repair time and once you mail it away, it will be weeks for a replacement arrives. Then my brand new modem/router started cycling on/off and it was worthless. I had to call my Internet provider company (IPC) 8 times and then Netlink 34 times trying to get it fixed , update the software or replaced. Did I mention I live in a small community and we have poor phone reception and I had to purchase a booster for cell and home phone. It drove me crazy losing and dropping calls, I finally went to see the manager where I bought it and told them I wanted to throw it threw the storefront window. I was told when I bought it that it was the one that I needed to use. She offered to replace it , but didn’t have the approved model as listed by my IPC and the one I had was not an approved model either. Anyway she put 200 dollars on a debit card and I went across the street and bought a nice router and used the modem given by the IPC. I can now remove the 100ft Internet cable for my wife’s pc as it was unsightly.

It certainly a refreshing change to see someone having a wonderful day in the snow while the BBD does all the leg work of running around.

Sorry I missed the final days of VOW, I will miss it forever. Thank you for your service, I enjoyed playing on your server.

Msgt Smith

Msgt Smith

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I live near Seaside Oregon during Summer, but since it rains so much during Winter, I go to Las Vegas from October to May. I really enjoy fishing in Oregon and have 4 boats of various sizes for different bodies of water. Salmon, Sturgeon and Halibut are available during the Spring and Summer. Trout fishing is fun as well in the many rivers and lakes.
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