Growing up

My wife won't let me bring anymore of these home. She said we have all we need.

This was a nice heavy fish


That was a very nice story Paul and I as well attended the Salvation Church. it was a lot of fun and games but it was enjoyable to learn how to play the Cornet. It is a smaller version of the trumpet but it let me gain respect for the ability of some musicians. It seemed as if no one had much money when I was growing up and we had to walk miles to school or to play with friend. What a happy day when my parents bought me and my twin a bicycle. i joined the military at 17 and grew up a lot faster than I thought possible. It didn’t kill me but there were a few times that it could have gone either way. I enjoy lots of travel but still didn’t have much money and I sent home half of my pay for my Mom. Time passed very fast and I was married in Paris and my daughter was born in Libya which is in north Africa.

Currently I am on a federal Jury for a Capital Crime which is expected to last for a month or more. I am uncomfortable being so far from my home in Seaside Oregon, and I particularly don’t like all the weirdos in downtown Portland. Most of all I miss my wife Marlyn and my dog Pogi. At any rate I had a great time catching Salmon this summer and helping friends learn how to fish. Our biggest this year was 30 pounds but several broke the line and were much bigger.

I had to take my boat out of the water today as we were excused from jury duties for tomorrow. My wife took a short vacation to San Francisco for a high school reunion and I now have the weekend to get caught up around the house. Thank you Paul for considering me to hear your stories. Each and every one are treasured and you need to get in touch with National Geographic magazine so more people can enjoy your talent.

Thanks Paul and Jewel,


Donnie Smith

Msgt Smith

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I live near Seaside Oregon during Summer, but since it rains so much during Winter, I go to Las Vegas from October to May. I really enjoy fishing in Oregon and have 4 boats of various sizes for different bodies of water. Salmon, Sturgeon and Halibut are available during the Spring and Summer. Trout fishing is fun as well in the many rivers and lakes.
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