Cars I have owned

Thought you might be interested in how many “toys” a boy can own. These are my family of cars over the years.

(I think I can remember them all).

Maybe you can “Show & Tell” us about cars you have owned.

Triumph Mayflower

Way back in 1963, when I jumped ship in Australia I bought my first car. A Triumph Mayflower AKA a Triumph “Butterbox”.


Ford Zephyr

Then shortly thereafter I “progressed” to a Ford Zephyr, about a 1950 model. The salesman told me “not to buy it” . I did… He was right !!!!!!


From there I have had, to the best of my memory:

Ford custom line 500

A Ford 500 One with the “torpedo tubes” on the rear sides.


Ford “Single Spinner” ute

A Ford Single Spinner Ute


1959 Holden EJ van

A 1959 EJ Holden Van.


A Morris Oxford about 1950 model

A Morris Oxford about 1950 model.


Austin Healy Sprite

An Austin Healy (Bug eyed) Sprite.




A beautiful Singer Gazelle. Great car!



Commer “Knocker”

A Commer “Knocker”.


Mr Whippy Van

A “Mr Whippy” van . Caught fire on the streets much to the amusement of the kids !!


1959 EJ Holden Wagon

A 1959 EJ Holden Wagon.


1960 HD Holden wagon

A 1960 HD Holden station wagon.


1960 Mercedes Benz

A 1960 Mercedes (Former Diplomatic car from Singapore.)


1976 Toyota Land Cruiser

A Toyota Land Cruiser bought new in about 1976,
for a 1 year trip around Australia with a 32 foot caravan we had especially built for the purpose.

1960 Toyota Corolla

Land Cruiser and 32 foot van on two year trip

A 1960 Toyota Corolla bought to take as a “scout car’ on the trip (Died & buried in the Snowy Mountains).


Jaguar Mk 11

A V6 Mark 11 Jaguar (Mine).


Jaguar V12

A V12 Jaguar. (Jewel’s).



A LWB Landrover.


Toyota Corona Station wagon

A Toyota Corona Wagon.


Toyota Lexcen Station Wagon (Holden re-badged)

A Toyota Lexcen station wagon.

Toyota Camry wagon 1988

Toyota Camry wagon 1988






A 1988 Toyota Camry station wagon.

Toyota Altise 2002

Toyota Altise 2002

A 2002 Toyota Altise


1981 Mercedes 320SE

1981 Mercedes 320SE

1981 Mercedes Benz 320SE

A 1981 Mercedes 320SE bought as a Valentines day present for Jewel.. Made the TV and newspaper !!!!


Triton ute

Mitsubishi Triton ute

A very useful vehicle.
I don’t know how I ever managed without one !!!
Mitsubishi Triton ute.




And the latest addition to the list for Jewel’s birthday August 2016
she is the slickest granny on the road. 🙂

2008 Toyota Aurion Sportivo. Absolute “magic” !!!

Toyota Aurion 2008

Toyota Aurion 2008

Toyota Aurion 2008

Toyota Aurion 2008

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