Let me help you find your way around

Hello, I am Willie Wombat

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Let me help you find your way around.

The black “Navigation menu” above, under “Travel Pages” has a list of countries we visited and most have “drop down” menus.

Click on a country in the menu bar above and you will be taken to a main page giving a general description of that country. As we visited various countries we added  “Sub” pages” and you can check each area visited in each country (not as good as being with us but the best we can do).  On each page there are blue coloured “links” which will take you to that particular post and it will very likely contain the story, some pictures and a video. be sure to watch our videos.

There is  a “contact us” tab on the home page as well as some of the other pages. Feel free to send us a message using this.

( Under construction)…On various maps you will see some tags which when clicked will tell you a little about the place and if you click on the picture of the Earth in the toolbar of the map, Google earth will transport you there if you have it installed, (if not then install it)  🙂

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