Thanks to our fire fighting people

After having come close to losing everything we have in the recent bushfires at Molesworth, I would like to use this page to extend the thanks of both Jewel and myself (and Zeus of course) to all the guys and gals who put their lives on the line, gave up huge amounts of their time, worked tirelessly day and night to keep all of us safe and secure throughout the ordeal.

The fires from my perspective came over the hill from Glen Dhu in the afternoon of Wednesday 6th February and by night time the whole of the hill on the other side of our valley was alight. Click here to read more and watch video taken from bedroom balcony

Time to refill

Time to refill

I had the honour of “rubbing shoulders” with some of these brave people while helping to serve meals for them at the local community centre. They came in tired, dirty, stinking of smoke but still managed some light hearted banter around the tables.

Many of these people were locals but among them were people from all over the state of Tasmania, not forgetting the mainland states as well.

The helicopters played a magnificent role in fire control and I am sure that the other locals just like myself, not only became used to hearing them but actually missed them when they quit for the night, apart from that very low hovering one flying over at 2.30 am with a big spotlight going, searching for “hot spots” with infra red camera detection. Thinking about that, you can get me out of bed anytime mates, we love you. 🙂

We must remember that the majority of these people are volunteers. They do this because THEY CHOOSE TO. No pay, no glory, so please join me by saying a big thank you to ALL concerned for  taking care of us AND whilst saying that, let us not forget the others we don’t see in the command posts, servicing equipment, looking after logistics,whatever.
To all of these dedicated people whether volunteers or on a pay roll THANKS A HEAP.