A shit day.. after stroke

Latest Update 22nd June 2021


Driving License and Stroke

As most of you (friends) know I suffered a Stroke around July 2020.

Well, when you have a stroke your license is automatically revoked. My main objective in the hospital was to get out and resume driving. BUT. all is not that simple. in order to get your license back you are required to sit a practical exam and a driving assessment (which is done by an accredited assessor from the hospital,)

Now I had some long winded discussions with Transport TAS who also took away my Motorcycle License, Heavy combination, Heavy Rigid, Light Rigid,extensions.

I sat a driving exam using a dual control car from V.I.P’ driving School (Very nice guy, looked after me) and just for your enlightenment I received the following assessment..

You thought you could drive LOL

You thought you could drive LOL

Do not laugh!! I didn’t, in fact I spat chips!!! So after 5 more driving lessons I am sitting another assessment this week Tuesday. If you hear a scream you will know I was failed again.



Oh BTW they also took away my gun license and gun, I am working hard on getting them re-instated.. Below is what the horrible bag of a assessment person had to say. I think I was driving professionally before she was born.

Went for another driving assessment two days ago. Guess what…. she failed me again. I am still waiting on her letter of reasons. well I got it, not as critical as previous (I must have learnt something) but nevertheless ensures I will not get my license back. She also told the licensing dept That I was “slow to problem solve getting out of Harvey Normans underground car park” That was because I made the mistake of saying “is it left or right?” to which I was told, “you got in here work it out”. Also that I was slow to select a parking space. She told me as we drove into the car park, “find a vacant space and park”.. I did, I just drove past 3 until I saw one as I said “with my name on it” what a great reason to fail your license!!!!! read the report below

So here is the full story of that shit day..

Jewel dropped me off at the driving school for assessment in the new KIA and went shopping. After the test 1.5 hours later.I rang her to find out where she was and she said she had locked the keys in the car and was at Woollies car park waiting on the R.A.C.T. so the driving school instructor (the good guy) took me out there. The roadside service guy arrived but couldn’t get into the car, and Full credit to him he ran me home, 30 klms to get our other key. However when we got home and looked for the key…..we couldn’t find it.!!!!!!  So we went all the way back and he rang the mobile locksmith. who arrived 2 hours later. He finally managed to get in and cut us (two keys for the doors only one of which will be hidden around the vehicle). Fortunately the RACT picked up $175 of the locksmiths bill because we have a gold membership (so if you are not in a similar organisation …. join now) After 7 hours from leaving home we were on our way back.

(BBD was happy to see us)

Oh and BTW Jewel found the 2nd key under the passengers seat.

So all in all it was a S*** day all round. hope we don’t have anymore like it AND I will be pulling out ALL stops to get my License back.

Oh and BTW we are off to the doctors tomorrow and she was very understanding and wrote the letter that afternoon and sent it off. as requested. When I asked the gun License people a few days later if that was OK they then told me that I would have to get the same (letter) from a doctor at Re-Hab.Impossible!! In the meantime I found myself a Barrister and am taking them to court in the near future, Fingers XD but I am not really hopeful.

Time will tell. I had a phone consult with the rehab doctor and and he refused to give me a recommendation or clearance. Mongrel…. Well the court was cancelled due to the amount of mistakes made by the govt license dept. they said things like “We will suspend his license” to which my Barrister said “”hold it… He hasn’t got a license so you cant suspend it” and so it went on, I then had to get a specialist report,from a senior Geriatrician which I did and he was in full agreement that I should have my license re-instated. I am still trying and next week am having another examination by a special Occupational Therapist (ordered by the license Dept so wish me luck will let you know how I go.

I went for an off road test with a very nice guy half my age and he passed me Yippee!!!! so my next is an on road test in two weeks

two weeks later


Went for an on road test today Wed 14th July and guess what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I Passed 🙂


Bill now running into the Thousands

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