Chicken Liver Pate

This Chicken Liver Pate with Green Peppercorns is very popular and relatively easy to make.  Another big bonus is that it will keep in the freezer for months with no deterioration whatsoever.

The recipe was given to me by one of my Chefs at The Rampant Bear way back in 1978 and I thank Geoff for it:

As with most recipes you can “juggle” the ingredients a little BUT the important part of this recipe is GET your temperatures right as you will understand when you read on: Too hot and the butter will turn into fat, too cold and you will have pieces of butter through the pate. It must be soft BUT not melting. Just leave it in a warm place for an hour or so before using (if using a microwave to soften. BE CAREFUL).

Ingredients. (I make about 25 rolls at a time so just divide the recipe for smaller quantities) or increase for larger 🙂

3   Medium onions chopped
5kg   Chicken livers
2.5kg   Bacon pieces
1.5kg   Butter
750gm   Lard
As many green peppercorns as you like (optional). These are available in a tin, in brine and are soft.

OK lets go:

Melt the lard in a large pot and saute the onions without browning, (throw in a bit of garlic if you wish).
Add the chicken livers and cook on high heat for a couple of minutes then add the bacon. Mix should not be dry, if it is add some more lard. (the lard / butter gives the final firm but spreadable finish)

Check the livers and when there is just a slight pink tinge in the middle, remove from the heat. If it is lunch time pinch a small bowlful, nice on rice 🙂
Now is the time to blend the mixture in your (preferably) upright goblet blender. Do it in batches making sure each is smooth with no lumps.
Place this in a large enough bowl to also take all the butter and cover with cling film and refrigerate UNTIL it is cool enough to add the butter without turning it into fat. About 30-35c. Stir occasionally.

Now for the butter which you have softened to approx 25c:

When the mixture is about body temperature start whisking in the butter (preferably with a whisk). The butter should be soft but not runny. about the softness of your forearm. Go on press on your forearm, that’s right, like that.
Incorporate all the butter and then stir in the peppercorns. Return to the fridge stirring now and then until it is “a rolling consistency” this will be before it goes too hard and after it has firmed up a bit.

The next step is to roll it into rolls using aluminum foil:

Cut good sized lengths of foil and put a “roll” of pate at one end. Then roll over (like you are making Sushi) and screw up each end (like a lolly wrapper), put enough pressure on the end screw bits to firm up the roll but not break it. Place on trays and freeze. Then eat at you leisure / give away to friends or swap for other goodies.
I find the best way to server is to: Thaw 80% cut into 15mm rings with a serrated knife while still in the foil  (check for foil bits..not nice to eat) and serve in rings with toast. 🙂

Bon Appetite:

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