After a 30 hour journey, hostel to bus to train to hostel. Four hours waiting in Beijing station, twenty two hours on the train. Then spending time in a bank  getting them to translate the English address of our hostel into Chinese so the cab /tuk tuk drivers could understand it, (they speak  LITTLE English) we finally made it to the Guilin Riverside Hostel, which is beautifully situated on the banks of the Peach Blossom River.

 1. Train -Beijing to Guilin ….. Click here


2. The Riverside Hostel ….. Click here


3. Li-jiang river cruise ….. Click here


4. Bloody motor scooters !!! ….. Click here


5. Buying food at the market for lunch …. Click here


6. A short walk in Guilin riverside …. Click here


7. Lunch at the hawker market…. Click here


We spent 9 days in Guilin until we finally left China by train for Vietnam.

River walk

Guilin Street

Twin Pagodas


Night Market

Peach Blossom River looking to Riverside Hostel

River at night

Wombats comments on Guilin.

1 = bad 10 =good

Based on a stay at Riverside Hostel.


  • Accommodation where we stayed: 9 out of 10

  • Ease of using local transport. 7 out of 10

  • Atmosphere of Guilin: 9 out of 10

  • General cleanliness: 9 out of 10

  • Locals friendliness: 7 out of 10

  • Ability to communicate: 5 out of 10 (hard)

  • Foods varieties: 7 out of 10

  • Restaurants and eateries: 8 out of 10

Comments: We spent nine days in Guilin. We stayed in a pleasant friendly backpackers place on the riverside, the room we had was large and quiet, staff were very friendly and accommodating. Transport by bus is easy once you get used to it. The city is full on and has a nice night atmosphere with well lit and colourful walks around the riverside and city parks. The pace is definitely more relaxed than other big cities in China. The silent electric motor scooters are a pain in the butt as you can’t hear them coming behind you. Overall we enjoyed our stay and would recommend a visit.

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