Kylie’s & Gerard’s Wedding

On April 23rd 2005 (St. George’s Day) Kylie and Gerard were married at our home “Danson Park”. There were around 80 guests and the weather JUST allowed the ceremony to take place in the garden at the lower pond, but what can you expect to get weather wise in autumn.

Much planning had taken place, plans were made well before the event for the garden, in order to have it looking it’s best. The menu took time to be decided, then china, glass & cutlery to be organized, fortunately we did not have to hire any, this outcome due to having been restaurateurs for so long.

Come the day and came the rain, not torrential but worrying, particularly for Paul and the outside speaker system. For me, Jewel it was a 4am start on the bouquets and house flowers, at this point I was glad I had just one daughter.

Friends were a great source of help and we could not have managed without Maria and Henri, mates from the hospitality industry where we had worked for so long and two local ladies who helped with food service. Came time for the ceremony and we couldn’t believe it, the skies cleared. Paul breathed a sigh of relief and I realized my feet were killing me and we were only half way there.

There was miles of food and wine, everyone was enjoying themselves, some were dancing in the carport till late, others walking in the garden under the stars for the skies were brilliant after the rain.

Here are some photos of the event and you can click here for the video.