Devilled kidneys

Totally underrated are lamb’s kidneys. So cheap but so yummy. Full of goodness and delicious. Try this recipe for breakfast.

Most butchers will sell you lambs kidneys that have already been peeled, but if they still have a membrane on just peel it off. Cut the kidney in half longways and then cut away the vein type bits. After a bit of practice you can simply lay them on a board and let the knife slide under the veins. (The same method as skinning a fillet of fish)


However many kidneys you wish
A fresh red chilli or two
Chopped onion and garlic
Plastic bag with a bit of flour in it for “dusting” kidneys
Oil and butter for frying
A little cream
Tabasco sauce (and maybe Worcestershire / Lancashire sauce)
Now for MY “secret” ingredient :-).. I like to save some gravy from the previous nights meal or just make a small amount from a packet. This gives the dish a lovely binding sauce.

The Method:

Saute the onions, garlic and chillies gently. Then add the halved kidneys which have been “dusted” in flour in a bag (if you want to do them in a tray or whatever, go ahead.
Cook on medium heat for a while, do not overcook the kidneys. just past raw is fine. Add some Tabasco / Worcestershire Lancashire sauce.

and the gravy, stir till hot, finish with a little cream and serve on toast.

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