Malaysia Again

After doing “the round trip” from Malaysia to Bangkok, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand it was nearly time to head home to Australia. So after landing in Kuala Lumpur and obtaining a three month visa we will prepared for the “homecoming” and what better place to do it than in Kuala Lumpur relaxing in our friends condominium. Thank you Mark & Kimi 🙂

Condo swimming pool

We would liked to have rented a car and get to see this sprawling modern city. However the main requisite of driving here is patience as the traffic is usually bumper to bumper all day and most of the night  and the costs of hiring are expensive and taking into consideration the low cost of taxis and the good train system we will probably let someone else do the driving. Another deterring factor is that it is hopeless taking a car out at night when going to eat as the parking is impossible. In most good food areas you would never find a parking place. Some people simply double park on the streets and hope for the best. (Actually in Thailand they do this especially in multi story car parks but the car must be left in neutral with the handbrake off in order for blocked car owners to push your car out of the way.) So click on the posts below and share our little adventure.

Bukit Bintang – Jalan Alor …. Click here

Steven & Lynda keep feeding us …. Click here

Willie Wombat drives the LRT train …. Click here

A “Fifty” course lunch …. Click here

China Town Dinner with a “Firey” …. Click here

Wombats go Indian …. Click here

Food in Kuala Lumpur …. Click here

A few left over video bits …. Click here

Trains are the way to go… Click here

Short trip to Penang… Click here

A few left over bits… Click here

“God Made A Dog” …. Click here

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