Jewel’s Liver & Bacon

As with kidneys, liver is a much maligned item when it comes to choosing cuts of meat. This is a favourite  winter time dish of Paul’s, livers are also very good for you, particularly if you are short on iron. This dish is known as “Lamb’s Fry and Bacon” in OZ. When you buy livers (ask for lamb NOT pig or beef).



Lamb’s livers, (two are sufficient for four servings)
Plastic bag with flour, seasoned with a little salt and pepper
Two medium red or white onions (or one of each) sliced
Some bacon rashers, however many your diet dictates, I like lots!!
Oil & butter for frying
Salt & pepper, tomato paste & Worcestershire Sauce
A rich gravy, (a packet one will do the job)

The method:

Prior to cooking soak the livers in lightly salted water for an hour or so, changing the water twice, this will remove any blood remaining in them and pat dry. Slip a sharp knife under the membrane and peel it away from the flesh, hands are good to do this job as you do not wish to mutilate the liver 🙂  also remove any  fat and coarse vein areas.  Slice the livers in 1cm thick slices, drop them one or two at a time in the bag of seasoned flour, shake and remove excess flour, set aside.

Cook off your onions in a little oil and a bit of butter  in a large to very large frying pan, when they are translucent, set them aside. Next cook the bacon in the same pan and set it aside with the onions. Then fry the liver in the same pan with the yummy juices, you may need to do two lots depending on you pan size and you may need to add a little more oil. Do not burn the liver but brown it on all sides, and set it aside.

Now for the gravy, using the same pan with the caramelized bits in it, do your own favourite gravy recipe, I sometimes use flour and stock, other times a commercial one but I always add a good dollop of tomato paste and a couple of glugs of Worcestershire sauce and some ground black pepper. If you have a passion for mushrooms then why not add some. 🙂

Return the onions to the gravy in the pan and stir for a minute or so, next add the liver and bacon, continue cooking on a medium heat until the livers are tender, about 45 mins to 1 hour. Alternatively once the gravy is ready you could layer the onions, bacon and liver in a casserole dish and finish cooking in the oven as I would do particularly if having guests, even if you cook it fully the next day. Great served with mashed potatoes, carrots and minted peas.

Now all this may seem fiddly and considerable effort, but this dish is worth it, kept my marriage together. LOL :-).

Bon Appetite:

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