Sausage Rolls

These will freeze well so make plenty (like me). Then for a snack, party, BBQ, just thaw and finish baking (10 mins).

Sausage rolls are an all time favourite with young and older alike. Put a tray on the table with some good old “Aussie Tomato Sauce” and see what happens. 🙂

Making them this way means you will never be caught short for a quick nibble idea.


1kg sausage meat (ask your butcher)
500gm minced beef (or Lamb/pork, whatever)
Fine chopped onions (as much / little as you wish
S & P and maybe some other flavourings. e.g. Worcester sauce, red or white wine, curry powder, garam masala. Go wild !!
Puff pastry sheets (buy them.. making is too hard :-))
Beaten eggs for brushing pastry


Mix all ingredients together in electric mixer if you have one or if not get your hands in !!!
Put some into a piping bag (I leave nozzle out in order to get about a 25mm roll)
Lay out pastry sheets and pipe a log along the edge closest to you leaving approx 25mm edge.
Brush that edge and the opposite side with beaten egg and roll over until you have a layer as the base. Cut off remaining pastry with knife and do it again….. and again. Etc.

To cut them I do this:

Take a heavy sharp knife and place the point on the table/board on the side of the rolls furthest from you put hand on point to steady and bring knife down.. whack!! the quicker the cut the less it will squash the rolls.
Move onto a greased baking tray and bake to desired level. If eating now, fully bake, if storing for future use, par bake. 🙂
When baked and cooled I cover with cling film and freeze on the trays, when frozen pack into containers.

Bon Appetite

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