Zucchini relish

This is a favourite zucchini recipe when they are in season, and when they are there are lots of them !!!!!!

Everybody has them !!!

It is a very popular dish. because every time I make it all my friends  seem to appear  looking for a jar. (Or two) 🙂

Sterilize the jars and lids preferably in the oven (or whatever way suits you) before putting the relish in them.

You need to thicken the mix with cornflour before bottling, but add it cautiously or you  may over thicken your mixture. 🙁

So here are the ingredients:

2kg    Zucchini
2       Red Capsicum, finely diced
2       Cups Corn kernels
2       Onions,
3       Cups White vinegar (or wine/apple vinegar mix)
3       Cups sugar
8       Teaspoons mustard power
8       Teaspoons turmeric
2       Teaspoons all spice
2       Teaspoons curry powder
Spices you like: e.g mustard seeds, star anise, cardamon etc.
Salt / pepper to taste.
Cornflour to thicken

Lets start cooking !!!

1.   Chop all ingredients finely (click on pictures to enlarge)
2.  Combine all ingredients (except cornflour) in a pot and bring to boiling then simmer for 30 – 40 minutes stirring frequently
3.  Combine cornflour with water stir into relish cautiously 🙂
4.  Transfer relish to sterilised jars and seal

 Bon Appetite

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