9. The Fatty Crab

Saturday: Looked up some “to go to” restaurants on a travel blog and found one not too far away called “The Fatty Crab” at, SS/24/13 Taman Megah, Petaling Jaya.

That was close to the Taman Bahagia train station about 4 stops upline from where we were. So we walked to University station (10 mins downhill) and got the train to Taman Bahagia. Got off train and realised we had forgotten to take the address. So asked a taxi driver if he knew of “The Fatty Crab”?  Of course he did! so after a non metered journey RM10 ($3)he dropped us outside a restaurant with a neon crab sign. Turns out it was not the right one, so we hopped into another cab who said “Yes I know it, it is close to the station why did you not walk?” GRRRRR. So a RM6 ($2) metered ride back we eventually found “The Fatty Crab” although it was only 7pm it appeared about 200 other people had found it as well. The place was packed upstairs and down and there were about 50 people sitting on the pavement waiting to get a table. So we waited a while. There was no queue, apparently a lady just took note of who appeared and when and called you when she had a table.


So….. We told them we would return on a week night and wandered off (as Wombats do) down the road. There were dozens of eateries and we opted for a Hawker market with about 50 food stands. Tables were hard to find and we asked a young couple if we could share. They were happy to do so so I went looking for food which you order from a stand and they deliver to your table (if you knew the number). Ordered noodles and chicken for Jewel and set off again to get mine. I found a Chinese Claypot chicken stall and watched them for a while cooking and ordered. Arriving back at the table Jewel’s meal had arrived and as I had all the money the young Chinese Malaysian gentleman had paid for it and refused to let me refund him. My meal arrived and we washed them down with a nice cold large bottle of Carlsberg beer.

Conversation revealed he had lived in Perth for two years and now worked in KL and they were expecting a baby girl in 5 months time. Their names are Keith and Elizabeth.

At the end of the meal after explaining about our “Fatty Crab” experience they offered us a lift home and asked if we would like to join them the next day (Sunday) to go out for a crab/ seafood dinner. They arranged to pick us up at 6pm so I will let you know how dinner was later. Check post number 12.

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