11. “The Fatty Crab” UPDATE !!!!!

As all you avid readers will recall from our previous post on “The Fatty Crab” we were unable to get into the restaurant because of the crowds of patrons waiting for tables.

WELL.. Steven and Lynda along with Mervyn, Carina and children managed to get a table on Friday 28th March.

Have a look at the pictures and short video we put together (sorry about the quality, hard to film in crowded restaurants) Listen to the noise of the people and the cracking of crabs ON the table. We wondered why the table cloths had dozens of holes in them when we arrived. Then we found out 🙂

Sorry also that you weren’t there but probably not as sorry as you are 🙂

FYI: We dined on: Stir fried rice with prawns, whole steamed fish, steamed crab, sweet and sour crab, chicken and beef sate’s, chicken wings, prawns and lots of Tiger beer 🙂



Click on a picture to view as a slide show.

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