3. Food Glorious food

One of our restaurants was called “Olivers eating house”

Oliver would have loved today 🙂

The day started with a trip to our friend Kimi’s parents place on the other side of KL in a suburb called Petaling Jaya. After getting the KMR train, changing at Sentral and then fighting with the auto ticketing machine much to the amusement of the other people lining up (not in our line BTW) we got the LRT to the other side of KL.

We were picked up at the station by Steven and Lynda. Steven asked “Do you like Dim Sum?” What a question that’s like asking “Do you like breathing”:-) So they took us out to lunch to a really great busy “Dim Summery” in Selangor Darul Ehsan.

We have never been so Dim Sum-ed out. The food was fantastic and the pictures here prove it. Our hosts simply did not know when to say no and the food just kept coming. The restaurant was packed and we were told people even queued to eat there for breakfast and all day on. If success is measured by numbers this place was truly successful.

We just had to relax at their place in the afternoon as they had organised dinner at a seafood restaurant of no less popularity. That evening joined by son Mervin and his family we were driven into what seemed obscure back lanes and side street to come across an enormous restaurant “Pantai Seafood” at Jalan Cempaka, Selengor Darul Ehsan And seafood it was. Hundreds of fish crabs, lobsters, abalone, prawns, oysters and many other seafood delicacies all swimming around in tanks inside this very large restaurant with a kitchen nearly as big as a train station!!

Our hosts ordered dinner and much like lunch it came and came and seemed unending. Vegetable soup with 100 year old eggs, crab in sweet and sour sauce, garlic clams, whole hot prawns, chicken, noodles with mixed seafood and fresh baked soft bread to mop it all up. We must have used a hundred serviettes cleaning our fingers as we tucked into what can only be described as a magnificent spread all laid out on a large Lazy Susan. Whole baby coconuts with a straw for drinking and Tiger beer washed this gargantuan feast down.

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Then we were driven home where a lovely large bed welcomed us for the “rest” of the night. And thanks to Kimi’s efforts way back in Australia (lots of message texting) the Air Con in the condo had been fixed and we enjoyed our first night without perspiration running off us.


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