6. Hawker food and sate

Today we planned on going to see friends Steven & Lynda and helping Lynda get used to her computer a little more in order that she could follow our travels.

So, just a small breakfast of Cornflakes and bananas (Aussie style) and we got the train to their place where they picked us up from the station and…………… took us straight to a large array of hawker food stands, about 15 or so at Paramount Garden Section 20 Petaling Jaya. Then even though we protested. Steven started to load the table with a fantastic assortment of food. His reasoning was that we may not have experienced some of these the other day when we had Dim Sum.


There was crispy chicken, soup with tofu and fish, noodles both large and small, pork buns, and then, as if that was not enough, then custard tarts and mince buns. Steven and Lynda watched as we waded through this, refusing to do more than just pick at some items as if they thought we needed feeding (my trousers don’t fit anymore).

We took a few pictures just so you could enjoy as well.

Click on a picture to view full size and the click the next pictures name at the bottom left or right


So completely “stuffed”, we retired to do the job we came to do for Lynda and passed away the afternoon in a big chair.

Well time to move on and we suggested a trip back to the station so we could catch the train home.

Well that was NOT going to happen as Steven had other plans. You guessed it: “We will go out for Sate”

So notwithstanding our protestations we were joined by Mervin and whisked away to a Satay house somewhere in the suburbs. This place served ONLY sate. (Apart from compressed rice and cucumber as an accompaniment). And they were splendid. Three varieties, chicken, beef and fish accompanied by large bowls of peanut sauce and chilli paste. Mervin claimed to hold a record for eating over 100 sticks at one sitting but I think we probably had 80 or so between us.

Then and only then were we driven home where we collapsed on the bed and fell asleep at ………. 6.30 !!!!!

Our friends here certainly know the way to a “Mans heart”

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