8. The Chow Kit wet market

After a ride on the LRT and Monorail (see separate video) we made it to Chow Kit “wet” market. It is called “wet” because they sell fish, meat and poultry and the floors are generally wet so don’t wear slacks/trousers that drag on the ground. 🙁

It is as one would expect “full on” lots of noise, vendors yelling out for trade, barrows going everywhere.

There is an enormous array of fresh fruit and vegetables, fish and other seafood, poultry, beef and pork as well as the “dry” items, clothes, shoes, gifts, you name it. The merchants were happy for us to film and when they found we came from Australia welcomed us with open arms. (Some covered in fish and stuff!!).

 We spent a while there then found an Indian restaurant on the main drag for lunch. We served ourselves from the Bain Marie and gave the chef in the kitchen a thumbs up to which he invited us into the kitchen.  See the following video.

Chow kit market Kuala Lumpur Malaysia from Tassie Wombat on Vimeo.

Here is a selection of pictures taken at the market and in the restaurant.

Click on a picture to view as a slide show

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