2. The Jade market (and surprise lunch)

We have several things on our plan to do list in HK. The first, booking the rail ticket to Shanghai took only half an hour instead of half a day. (See post number 1)

So with time saved we jumped a train to Mon Kok, Hong Kong and went exploring around Nathan Road. We asked and found a place that served Dim Sum and although we were the only people in the place who spoke English we were served a large pot of Chinese tea and some wonderful steamed treats. See pics in gallery below.

Morning tea over we wandered (as Wombats do) along Nathan Road in search of The Jade market.

Hong Kong, The Jade Market and an invite to lunch from Tassie Wombat on Vimeo.

The heavens opened, we bought an umbrella and eventually came across the Jade Market. Mrs Wombat was in her element and got assailed by every stall holder, (very annoying really) 🙁

Yours truly whilst taking pictures saw a group of some 6 -8 stall holders eating lunch and just made the  comment “Ahh lunch time” to them. Well this resulted in “Come and share”, “Have some” and they opened a large pot under the table and pulled out a steaming hot corn cob and gave it to me. Mrs Wombat appeared and received the same treatment. Then followed the usual “Where are you from” AHHHH!!! & OOOO!!! and the invitation to “Have some pork” “Have some noodles” and biscuits and lollies and cakes and fruit (unknown), “would you like some Brandy” whereupon they produced a bottle (Declined politely). Well that was a surprise. See pics. Mrs. Wombat is in the blue raincoat.

Sharing lunch

So after a bit more wandering we called it a day and caught the very efficient train system back to Sha Tin in the New Territories. Although it is a fair way out of Hong Kong central and requires two train changes, it is very simple.

Off one train, move across the platform, onto next train and whoosh!! Easy. All the trains have announcements in both Chinese and very well spoken English telling you the next station, where you swap trains, which side you will exit, hold onto the handrail on escalators, do not watch you mobile phone screen on escalators etc. and have computerized visual displays of current position, stations, interchanges etc. in all carriages above the doors, so even we could not really get lost. Off train straight onto bus and presto back at front of hotel.

So, after a wet tiring first day, a rest was in order then it was on the street to a pleasant Chinese restaurant for more Dim Sum and a well-earned beer. Then Bed….. Goodnight. 🙂

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