4. Wangfu Pedestrian Mall Beijing

The Wangfu area, Wangfujing is considered as the central heart of Beijing City. It is the first modern-style commercial street in Beijing, about 800 meters long and on two sides of it standing many stores and malls. A walk from end to end would take you about 30 mins, and that’s without looking at any shops and malls.  There is an ally that leads off of the mall which is packed tight with dozens of eateries and souvenir stalls.

Wangu Plaza Beijing

The mall is generally packed all day and night. No vehicles allowed except for the police cars. There are police EVERYWHERE in this area (not far from Tianamen) In the mall they have a permanent van plus a couple of vehicles, their are police on every street corner and patrolling all the time. Closer to Tianamen soldiers replace the police and their are dozens all standing to attention like statues or sitting bolt upright for or six to a vehicle patrolling the streets. I think they are paranoid about terrorist attacks. They get a bit “Thingy” if you photograph then 🙂


Wangu Plaza Beijing

We wandered around the mall (as Wombats do) and then delved into the food area. The crowds in here are pretty full on as one would expect and the varieties of food enormous. This post will not do justice to this area so later I will be placing a video on here (watch for it when we exit China) which will show that the scorpions on the BBQ skewers are REALLY alive and moving !!!! They have small and extra large scorpions, take your pick. Grubs, chrysalis, starfish and lots of other “goodies”. It started to rain so we grabbed a table with an umbrella outside a small restaurant and had a feed of (not scorpions) but stir fried chicken and noodles and rice plus of course the mandatory Chinese beer.

Wangu Plaza Beijing

Heading home after you will experience one of the Taxi Scams. They will bring you here early in the evening at metered rate of say 18Y. BUT when you want to go home later, especially if is raining they know they have you at their mercy so the price is usually quoted as a set fare, say 50Y. Take it or leave it. the best way is to walk a bit and hail a passing cab (if you can find one) No wonder I have blisters on my feet. 🙁

Wangfu Plaza Part 1 of 3. Day and night at Wangfu Plaza Beijing. The plaza is big and the food market at night is full on

Wombats at Wangfu Plaza Beijing Part 1 from Tassie Wombat on Vimeo.


Wangfu Plaza Video 2 of 3

Wangfu Plaza part 2 from Tassie Wombat on Vimeo.

Wangfu Plaza Beijing. Part 2. Tonight we visit the food section of this busy full on market for something that moves on a skewer


Wangfu Plaza Video 3 of 3


Wangfu Plaza Beijing part 3 from Tassie Wombat on Vimeo.

Part 3 of a visit to the Wangfu Plaza food market in Beijing. If you ever wanted sheep’s testicles or penis then this is the place to come


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