7. NP360 Cable Car and the Big Buddha

An early start and after the Macau miracle (bus appearing right on cue) we decided to see if we could reach Lantau Island and visit the NP360 Cable car the same way. We had seen the building of the NP360 on a  TV engineering show a year ago.

YIPPEEEE !!!!!!!! The Concierge said yes we could and we found the bus stop with a bus waiting at it, just two mins walk from the hotel. (Thank you up there!!)

We were early arriving, but the crowds were building. Got on at last (See video) and had a great ride to the Big Buddha at the top of the mountain. Feeling hungry (early start, no breakfast) we had a huge Subway. Yes you read it right .. a Subway!!.

Wandered around (as Wombats do). Looked up to the Buddha but when our feet saw all the steps they refused to climb up them. So we contented ourselves with a “Gaze up” to the Buddha and went to a sound and light show on his history, hopped on a bus which took us to an “idyllic” fishing village, then we had a ride around it on a boat (see Video). Then back onto a bus to the base camp, another bus back to Sha Tin and home. Amazingly the young bus driver said he and some mates were booked to come to Tasmania in October where they were hiring a minibus in Hobart. I told him if he could drive in Hong Kong traffic, he would love driving in Tassie. He promised to stay in touch and phone us on arrival. Small World… He never did call us!.

 The Ngong Ping NP360 cable car Lantau Is.

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The Big Buddha Lantau

The Big Buddha on Lantau Island is the biggest sitting Buddha statue built outdoors. This majestic statue sits atop the peak of Mount Muk Yue. Po Lin Monastery took 12 years to plan and build this bronze Buddha statue that symbolizes the stability of Hong Kong,the prosperity of China and peace on earth.

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