1. Shanghai to Xian by train

Our first trip on a “Fast Train”. Traveling at 300klm an hour, they soon eat up the miles. The train makes a number of stops along the way but on leaving the station, it does not take long for the numbers on the display to hit 300. At one stage I recorded 307klm per hour. Believe me the poles track-side are just a blur at this speed. Taking pictures out of the window does not work as the pics come out in the same sort of blur.

We had our own two berth compartment with en-suite and armchair. Not really our intention, just a breakdown in communication on booking, cost extra but well worth the expense.

Chinese ticket

Berth on train

Shanghai to Xian by rail from Tassie Wombat on Vimeo.

A two berth cabin helped make the trip pleasurable and we took our own food after the Hong Kong to Shanghai experience.

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