4. Bloody electric scooters !!!!

Bloody annoying machines. These scooters come right up behind you without a sound, until they blast the horn. You cannot believe how frustrating and downright annoying these electric scooters can be. And there are thousands of them. People have said “You ain’t seen nothing till you get to Vietnam” and we know that is true. BUT here in China they are mainly electric powered (good for environment) but they creep up on you silently and then blast their horn or ride along the footpaths and weave in and out of pedestrians. Mrs Wombat nearly died more then once.

They all seem to be fitted with an anti theft alarm that gives out a very high pitched bird like call in many variations so these can be heard every time someone parks or starts a bike. Whoever invented them should have them rammed somewhere dark.

Bloody motor bikes

Imagine this scenario: You are at a crowded shopping mall or the Sydney, Melbourne or other show with thousands of people shoulder to shoulder and weaving in and out of the crowds are dozens of silent scooters with noisy blasting horns. It is not only dangerous (who cares) but a bloody nuisance!!


Electric scooters

Also we have been told that anyone can purchase a bike, the LEGAL riding age is 18 (joke) they sell for as little as $400. There is no license required, no testing, no insurance, and no registration. You can carry your dog, partner, kids, partner and kids or anything you can load onto them, No helmet requirements. On Sunday night in the large square central Guilin there were hundreds and hundreds of brand new scooters on display for sale. Just go and buy and drive away. If one runs into you and you are injured or scrapes your car and causes damage you will have NO HOPE in the world of recovering damages.



Bloody motor bikes from Tassie Wombat on Vimeo.

The motor bikes should be better controlled. In Australia they would be taken off them and crushed for riding on footpaths, going the wrong way in a street, continual blowing of horns and the damn noisy alarms that go off every time they lock or unlock the bike.

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