2. A trip on the Perfume River Hue Vietnam

It  gets very hot here as the day progresses so at 9.30am we got aboard a “Dragon Boat”. Just the two of us, the skipper his wife and ten year old son (who should have been at school but they couldn’t afford it).

Cruise Perfume River

The six hour trip down the Perfume River started with the “Lady of the boat” asking us to choose lunch from a small menu and going ashore over the river at a market and buying the foods. (We said chicken but ended up with fish).

The boat slowly chugged its way down the river and pulled ashore at the To Thien Pagoda three klms upstream. We hopped ashore and had thirty minutes to go see the Pagoda (See the video below). It was interesting as it had a lot of resident monks and novice monks who were releasing carp into the ponds as part of the initiation ritual. They also sat down for an early lunch whilst we were  there and had no problem with cameras.

Pagoda at temple

Back on board and leisurely up river a long way to visit The Minh Mang Royal Tomb. By this time it was 40 degrees Celsius and after clambering ashore, walking up a dirt road to visit the tomb we wandered (as Wombats do) back to the boat vowing NO MORE TOMBS!!!. By this time Mrs. Wombat was showing severe signs of heat exhaustion and was not in good shape.

Cargo Perfume River

As soon as we moved down river the “Lady of the boat” had lunch prepared. We did our best with the Fish cutlet in Asian soup, omelette, rice and spring rolls and fresh mango and apple. But unfortunately Mrs Wombat could not do it justice. Willie had his share though.

Tour boats

On the way back another Tomb stop was planned but we said “No thanks, just head back to Hue”. We arrived back around 2.30 in 40 degree heat and hopped a cab back to the hotel, a cool shower and air conditioning!!

All in all a worthwhile day but even though sitting on a boat, very exhausting due to the heat.

Watch the video of the Perfume river trip

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