7. Lunch at the hawker market

Lunch time, hmmmm what to eat, KFC?  pass on that today. Lets delve into the market around the corner from the hostel. Seafood? A bit heavy for lunch, satay.. a bit light. Then we came across a small stall selling steamed foods in bamboo baskets and also rice and meat plus veggies in little iron pots cooked on a hot charcoal burner.


So we opted for a basket with a variety of goodies placed on a bed of rice which on turn sits on a banana leaf. The top is placed on and it is stood over boiling water until cooked.


Really hot and tasty one was enough for the two Wombats for lunch. So we promised to return that night at 8pm

True to our promise we returned and had one bamboo basket and a steaming hot pot plus a couple of large bottles of beer. The whole lot cost 48Y or $8.30

We met a couple from Germany who shared our table and with conversation in English it was a great night.



Market dinner Guilin from Tassie Wombat on Vimeo.

We had some great foods in Guilin and as usual met some really nice people.


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