3. Hue markets

Always suckers for markets the “Wombats” set off to the wet market in Hue just over the river. we especially wanted to see the market but we also wanted to buy some bacon as the hotel  only had eggs and terrible looking packaged “hot dog” type sausages for breakfast. So we said if we buy some bacon can we have it for breakfast, and they said no problem.

We were told we would be more likely to get real bacon at the supermarket next door to the wet market which is what eventually happened.

Anyway arriving at the market we were instantly accosted by a middle aged Vietnamese lady asking the usual. “Where are you from? How old are you” etc. She then asked if we would come and see her clothing stall and we said “Later”. So…. she followed us all around the markets until we eventually gave in telling her repeatedly that we were not buying clothes!. She led us up to the first floor and to her stand, one among dozens. She was not really impressed after pulling out shirts, blouses etc when we said bye bye and left. She was told 🙁

We did buy however a couple of huge mangos, some custard apples, mangosteens and a paw paw. Great on a hot afternoon.

You will see the markets on the short video below, watch it here or full screen on You Tube.

So after visiting the supermarket, really just a moderate food store, getting some bacon and slurping down a mango smoothie with a tub of ice cream dropped in it we headed home to get out of the heat.

And had eggs and bacon for breakfast cooked by Willie Wombat. 🙂

Click on video to view. Click the [   ] icon bottom right to view full screen


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