6. An email from a guy we met in Phnom Phen

When we travel we sometimes hand out our Wandering Wombats cards to people we meet. In Phnom Phen we gave our cards to several people who served us at restaurants. One of these people responded by contacting us through the “Contact us” tab and consequently through email. Although he does not have a computer or smart phone of his own, he finds a way to communicate, probably at an internet cafe, of which there are plenty. I am sure he would not mind us sharing his emails with you in order to help you understand life in Cambodia. It makes us happy that some people stay in touch. The emails are unedited as we feel it better not to do so. We respond each time and answer his questions, updating him.

(BTW the musician from Mae Hong Son at the Fern Restaurant (click here to view  post) signed up on our site as and you can read his comments on there under the video. Please welcome him with your comments. (His member name is Toryadoi)


First email:

Hello I am Mr. Lors Tea who work at Khmer Saravan Restuarant  as a Service Supervisor Part-time jobs in the evening shift. After I got  your card about Wandering Wombats. I want to know from that how is your day today and now where are you and your wife now . What is the whether like today in your country ? In Cambodia is too hot and It is the beginning of the rainy seasons too. Currently, both of my father and mother they are working so hard on the, because of to finds some money to support my brothers and sister at home land.  I still don’t understand clear about the Wondering Wombats .   I hope you will tell back to me.

thank you, your faithfull, Lors Tea.

Second email:

Hello both of you. How is your day to day and what have you done. I am little tired with my work. Sorry, that I am late to reply to you because I don’t have the computer or smart . I have seen which you have shown me on the web site. It is a very nice place.
I love both of you.
Lors Tea

Latest email:

Hello sir and madam. How are you today? I am ok, just a little tired. I am worring about the economic in my family . My parents are worried about have no rain to do the farm in my homeland and perhaps one months later if my homeland sitll have no rain. My family in homeland will not have rice to eat for this year. And for my life in Phnom  Penh is worse than before because of my salary which I get from my work is not enough to pay for school fee, rent room, food and another things which i need, I really disfficult to spend. Now I have only one things that can make me happy now , I have passed my finals exam with good marks. I am really proud my self . And I would like to say thank you so much that you sent back to me early. And I want to tell you that even though you are far from me but I still remember both of you for ever.

I hope you sent back soon!
thank so much.

Lors Tea

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