Our decorated wooden bowl making

In the Chiang Mai night bazaar there is a family that paints mango wood lacquered bowls and plates. The design is made up of lines, dots, curves and such. We though they were very lovely and asked the man if he would design one for us from scratch so we could video it as it was decorated.

Our bowl

Have a look at the video and you will see how they do it. It took several days and visits to complete as some times when we went back as requested he was not there. Although we asked him not to complete it unless we were there to video it as you can probably guess he finished it one day in our absence.

Ah well as they say in Thailand……….   Mai Pen Rai  🙂

Click on the video to play. Click on the [   ] icon to play full screen or visit You Tube to see all our videos.

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