7. A Ride on the LRT driverless train and the Monorail

Come with me as I “drive” the LRT from University station to KL Sentral and then take a ride on the Monorail to Chow Kit market

(See separate video of Chow Kit markets)


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The KL LRT is a rail system whereby a token is required to get access to the platform and also to leave the station. The fare collection system uses plastic tokens with magnetically stored information. Both single and stored value tokens are available at the ticket booths at the stations. Tokens are purchased from ticketing booths in the station concourses. Once in possession of a valid token, passengers pass through an automatic barrier which scans the token. Once on the platform, it is just a matter of waiting for the next train and when leaving the destination station inserting the token into a machine to open the gate. The token is deposited in the machine for re use.

One-way fares range from RM0.70 to RM2.90. Return and stored value tickets are available. Traveling across the city takes about 30 minutes, but within its commercial center, the average is closer to 10 minutes. Trains leave approximately every three minutes during peak hours and about eight minutes apart during non-peak.


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