7. We meet a NZ “Firey” at dinner in Chinatown KL

A trip to central KL led us into Chinatown (actually that is where we intended going) and after battling the crowds in the narrow alley ways between the hawker stalls the stomachs told us it was time for something to eat. 😉

There was a number of restaurants serving mainly Chinese style food (strange about that) and some “Farangs” waved us into one saying that the food was really good. So after discussion with a family from the Netherlands and a couple of “Kiwis” and a guy from the states we opted for some chicken and beef satays and some sweet and sour prawns…….. We had previously learnt our lesson of ordering too much all at once…. Several times  🙁

Washed down with the obligatory “Tiger” beer or two we enjoyed the food and had a pleasant evening swapping stories of “Where have you been… where are you going?” with the other groups. Turned out Ed is a Firey with the Wanganui Fire Service so we gave him a card and a link to the fires we experienced at Molesworth (home) last year. Click the link to view.


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