8. Wombats go Indian

Kuala Lumpur has a large Indian area and Wombats love a good Indian meal. So we decided to wander (as wombats do) into the Central Market which has a great many Indian “shops”. It is very busy and very colourful and has some great bargains and rip offs as one would expect in any market 🙂 in Asia.

Indian market KL

Mrs Wombat found some bargains as only Mrs. Wombat can do and we decided it was time to satisfy the “inner self”. It is strange how we always end up in a food market at lunch time :-). So we went into the food hall on the first floor and chose Indian from the various booths. We thought about Thai but decided after two months in Chiang Mai, we would give Thai a rest.

Market Indian Lunch

So after a tasty Indian lunch, we headed home to sleep it off and prepare for dinner later that evening.

Being a Sunday, the night market Jalan Bangsar was operating and we decided to head there. The market is only once a week on a Sunday and on arrival we realized we had visited here in a previous ‘life’ but it is great and we picked up some beautiful ripe papaya (Paw Paw), bananas and other bits. But strange thing happened, it turned out to be dinner time, at least the stomach said so.

The sit down stalls in the market were very crowded with queues so we looked around  at the many restaurants and lo and behold found an Indian restaurant with a Bain Marie full of goodies. We managed to get a table on the footpath and the man came for our order. There was no menu as such just a tick list in his hand and not having any idea what we wanted, Willie went and perused the Bain Marie pointed at chicken, beef, and mutton and rice saying “We will have some of each” He replied “The Chicken comes with rice” so that was OK.

We sat down with a beautiful cold Mango Lassi and the man arrived with a banana leaf each and a pile of rice and chicken which he emptied onto our banana leaf. We found out this was Chicken Biriyani. Then another guy arrived with some pots with vegetables in followed by another guy with pots of gravies and another guy with sambals and another with poppadoms. At this stage Willie told them to cancel all the other dishes he had ordered.!!!!!!

Indian. Bangsar Village Centre

So after dinner we staggered off to the cab rank and headed home for a plate of Papaya and  a welcome beer (Restaurant was Halal) 🙂

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