Car wash so cheap !!

Thought I would share this with you car owners. We took the car up into the hills down a farm track and through mud puddles. It had mud all over it especially around the wheels and underneath. So when we got back to the condo I dropped into the service station opposite and asked them to wash it for me. I really only wanted is pressure washed to get the mud off.

Car wash time

BUT in true Thai style two guys pressure washed it, soaped it, washed it by hand, pressure cleaned the soap off, gave it to a team of five cleaners who….

Car wash time

Dried it, cleaned the tyres, vacuumed it, polished windows in and out did the mats and dash all for…..

Car wash time

Wait for it……….. 100baht…… $3.25 !!!!!!!   I wish they would open in Australia 🙂

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