Shopping at the local market for dinner bits

Occasionally we like to keep our hand in at cooking. (Well Willie does, Mrs Wombat does the washing up…. with Willie’s help of course) 🙂
As we have been away for approximately one hundred and twenty days at this time and have only cooked dinner at home on about six occasions it is nice to stay in some nights instead of letting others cook for you, wait on you and wash up your dishes. 🙂

Around our local area are at least a dozen markets where you can buy fish, meat, chicken, vegetables and anything else you wish. That is not to mention the supermarkets and shopping malls where you can buy ready to eat products from appetisers to salads, main courses, desserts of every description all to take home for as low as 20 – 80Baht. (.60c – $2.50)

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So join us in a trip to get a fish and a couple of veg bits for dinner. We had a cabbage in the fridge so some carrot and onion would turn it into a Thai style Coleslaw to go with a poached fish cooked with soy sauce, fish sauce, lime juice, sugar and ginger.


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