The Wombats have a condo !!!!!

Arrived in Chiang Mai on Thursday afternoon from Bangkok and settled into the Trigon Residence in the moated old quarter of town for a two day stay whilst we looked for a condo. The first night was a little sleepless for Willie due to three or four cats fighting in the garden next door at 1am – 3am. The next morning after some early phone calls (no one sleeps if the Wombats are up) we hopped in a Red Sawngthaew and met a lovely young lady named Joy at the Chiang Mai Riverside Condominiums at 9.00am.

Riverside condos

Joy showed us a large medium and small condo. We settled for the medium one of 46 sq mts which has a nice kitchen with microwave, four plate stove, all pots and utensils, extractor fan. An L shaped lounge and glass coffee table, a four set dining table, bar stools, large flat screen TV, secluded bed, (see pics) and a small balcony ideal for breakfast and dinner overlooking the Ping River.

Our “Home”

The Ping River

There is also a large swimming pool much to the delight of Mrs. Wombat.

Riverside condos

So we grabbed another Sawngthaew who was dropping off at the foyer, got him to take us back to Trigon Residence, grabbed our gear, said “Thankyou good bye” let him have our $13 for that night, returned to the condo and were settled in by 11.30.

So for the first time in nearly four months we might go shopping at the market, buy some prawns, chicken and fresh vegetables, get a beer or three and cook dinner at home. Only thing wrong with that is that we will have to do the washing up… For the first time in nearly four months.


 LATER that afternoon:

Went shopping later that afternoon, grabbed a Sawngthaew dropped us at a supermarket…. A real supermarket, about the first we have seen since Kuala Lumpur….. .Rows of all the usual’s, a deli with cold meats, cheeses, MILK. (a Scottish guy assured me it was real cow’s milk straight from the only dairy farm in Thailand that produces REAL milk, Flora margarine, Canadian bacon, baked beans, eggs, lovely crusty bread and a slab of Focaccia, beautiful vegetables, marmalade, Weetbix, Asian sauces, noodles etc. BUT when we went to buy beer and wine we were not allowed because the strange laws here say they cannot sell alcohol in the supermarket between 2 and 5pm.. Stupid laws.!!! (So I went to the mini mart opposite the condos and bought my beer)

Happy with our grocery buy we hopped a Sawngthaew and got him to take us to the “wet” market where Willie ran around buying mangoes (it is mango season so you must eat them), Rambutans, Paw Paw, limes (for the paw paw) pineapples, a huge chicken breast (for dinner) garlic, two sorts of exotic mushrooms, coriander, ginger, and asparagus for dinner tonight. No prizes for guessing what is on the menu at our place tonight.

The Wombats are happy 🙂

Wet market Chiang Mai

Click here to go to: Wat Rong Khun. The White Temple Chaing Rai.


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