Trip to Chiang Rai and Mae Sai. Part 1

Early morning start from Chiang Mai. Fill up with fuel, top up oil….. off we head to Chiang Rai 200 klms to the north near the Burmese border. The roads are really good here in Thailand and after 25 klms we leave the city confines and head into hill country for another 40klm  of winding twisting roads. A roadside stop at a large pull in with lots of shops and cafes (see pics) lets us have breakfast around 10am. Rice and pork and egg for Willie and a muffin for Mrs. Wombat and an espresso each.

Roadside breakfast stop

 Off again we go BUT  2 klm up the road Willie notices the temperature gauge is going through the glass. A check finds the water cap is just sitting there not secured, how it didn’t fall off is amazing and the engine is BOILING !!!!! Serious… We think the guy in the service station did it when topping up the oil. Luckily there was a water gutter right next to the roadside and after about 8 bottles of water we got the engine back to normal.. Could have been a LOT worse. So off again no real harm done and a sign said “Mango with sticky rice”. Well how could you resist (See pic and eat your heart out).

Mango & Sticky rice

Onward to Chiang Mai and thirteen klm out we find “The White Temple” something our tourist guru told us not to miss. He was right. What an  AMAZING place !!!

Words really cannot describe the place and we will make a separate post about it, be sure to read it have a look at the video and pictures and click on a link to read what others thoughts on it.

Wat Rong Khun

So on to Chiang Rai and a search for a place for the night. On Agoda there were dozens of hotels and guest houses and we had even written the names of a couple down so we thought it would be easy. We asked.. nobody knew of any !!!… we drove around and couldn’t find any … we did see a couple of four star places only because of their size but we are not at four star level yet. 🙂 Eventually we saw a small sign “Park Inn” down a narrow nondescript side street. Found the place and it was ideal. Plenty of rooms motel style. Twenty five dollars a night including breakfast so we booked in.

Park Inn Chiang Rai

The Wombats were happy. 🙂

Eager to re-visit the town and night bazaar that we saw twenty two years ago we showered, rested awhile and drove into town. Brought back memories of the previous visit. “I remember that” – “I thought this was bigger” and so on. The night market kicked off as the sun set and we had a great time eating and looking and eating. Unfortunately as we sat down for our hot pot (see video) it started to rain, we were ok we were under a canvas tent roof but others were not so lucky and the tent got a bit crowded. It was a shame as it spoils it for everyone.

Chiang Rai Night Market

But WORSE!!!! when Willie went to get his Chang beer with dinner he was told “No alcohol today”…. “Why?” asked Willie …..  “Special religious day” was the reply. And Willie is not even religious 🙁 So had to settle for water !!!!!

So after dinner we headed home and “Hit The Hay”. Early next morning we had our breakfast (good job it was free) of warm fried eggs, cold pork or beef sausages the size of your thumb, some toast done on one side (toaster half broken) and coffee. Could have had Thai soup, fried rice, steamed Morning Glory and such but not really our style. So breakfast over we headed up the road to Chiang Saen and the Sop Rauk (The Golden Triangle) and then on to Mae Sai.

There was a lot to see so we have divided it into four videos. Click here to view  number two or here to view  number three or number four.

Click on video to play. Click on [   ] icon to play full screen

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