Trip to Chiang Rai and Mae Sai. Part 2. The Golden Triangle

After breakfast at the Park Inn we headed off to Chiang Saen and Sop Ruak on the Mekong River. The towns have the usual markets and Wats so we wandered around (as Wombats do) for a while. From here you can see Burma, Laos from Thailand so the area is known as the Golden Triangle. The barges on the Mekong could provide a cheap trip up the river for a trip but maybe next time.

Mekong barges

In days long gone (one is told) this was the centre of the opium trade in Thailand. Signs do warn quite explicitly that the penalty for drug trafficking is DEATH. No messing around…. you have been warned. There are a number of road checks in the northern area but when I asked what they were looking for I was told “Keep moving” so I wished them a “nice day” and did.

We visited this area twenty two years ago we came to with the Gemmological Association of Australia conference tour so this was basically a trip of dejavu, but there is now a lot of very tacky “Tourist” bits and a very kitch area with gaudy idols.



So having “re-visited” we drove on to Mae Sai just an hour or so up the Road.

There was a lot to see so we have divided it into four videos. Click here to view  number one or here to view  number three or number four.


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Wombats take a trip to Mae Sai. Part two from Tassie Wombat on Vimeo.

Wombats take a three day trip from Chiang Mai to Mai Sai in Northern Thailand. This is part two of four videos.
Chiang Rai to Chiang Saen … The Golden Triangle

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